About Elephant King

Elephant King Laundry Chain Services from Taiwan has become a committee member of China Chain Store & Franchise Association after several short years all-sided pioneering and developing in mainland China. Elephant King laundry equipment series and hundreds of kinds of its raw materials have been sold all over China. Besides, over two hundred Elephant King laundry chain stores have been successfully launched in more than 20 provinces and municipalities in China.

Elephant King has won the market with its green technology of petroleum dry-clean, its unique technology of disposing special dirt and cleansing chamois, marten and fur coats, and its original six control points for guaranteeing the laundry quality. Our publicizing slogan, "Go to Elephant King if stain won't wash.", Is getting known and accepted by more and more customers.

Elephant King has now become the only specialized enterprise in domestic laundry services, which has integrated into a streamline the manufacturing of laundry equipments and raw materials, the training of laundry technology, and the admission of chaining leagues.